Homepage foto Harry de HaanMy respect for the nature, all of the universe and the handling of
people in it, form my source of inspiration in art.
The nature and all there is in it is so perfectly in harmony, except for some humanly imperfections, that according to my vision nothing originated without a meaning. Fantasy, emotions and intuition are key elements that lead me. I enjoy working on the line where people say 'it is something or what is it?' On that very moment where all comes together, a sparkling new composition comes to live. Sometimes faces arise in my work. I see all these faces as the many faces in life. As in many of my animal paintings you will find human features within. I like to work with: acrylic, laquepaint,ink,spraypaint,oils en aquarelle. on paper,canvasboard mdf and mostly on canvas.
I will also take assignments, if technique and style allows me to

I put alot of efford in putting the paintings in the right frame, however if you would like to see something different or rather choose it yourself, feel free to contact me.
I live and work in the province of Friesland (Holland), and since the 24th of March 2010 I'm a member of the NABK. (The National association for artist).

You can contact me by clicking the menu page 'contact', or by phone: +31 512-541715 If you want to see my work in real-life please feel free to contact me for an appointment.